Christmas donation campaign

“Renewed Your Village” is a campaign aimed at Bulgarians abroad and our active fellow citizens, who keep a warm memory of the time spent in the village.
In this campaign, we rely on you – the donors – to help build a computer hall in the chitalishte of your chosen village.

The approximate value of the technique we install is 400 leva. This price includes:
– 4 computer configurations
– printer (when available),
– furniture
– CISCO Router for remote control of computers
– access to training courses on computer literacy, video processing for children, personal finance
– access to the site for better homework and lesson training

The account opened for this purpose is:
Revival Foundation of the Bulgarian Villages
IBAN: BG32 RZBB 9155 1009 7640 64
Branch address: Bul. 79 Hristo Botev Str., Sofia. pk. 1303
Reason: the name and the municipality of the settlement

How to apply?
The steps are as follows:

1. Select the village you want to revive
2. Make a donation of 250 or 400 BGN to the following bank account, mentioning the name and municipality of the village (the donation may be from a group of people or an organization).

Revival Foundation of the Bulgarian Villages
IBAN BG32 RZBB 9155 1009 7640 64
Reason: donation to (name and municipality of the settlement)

3. Send the transfer order to e-mail: with a short description of the settlement – number of inhabitants, presence of a community center or library, name or contact of mayor, librarian or chair of a community center. The more information you get, the more you’ll make it easier for us.
4. By return email you will receive a donation certificate (suitable for tax purposes) as well as information where, when and what computers will be installed.
5. In the facebook group “Let’s Revive the Bulgarian Villages” you can follow our activity in building the computer room and pictures from the installation.

!!! The donation certificate will include the names of all contributors, whether they have contributed. !!!

We hope this is the first step that will connect every settlement with the rest of the world.

To do this, we have prepared online training for residents, including computer literacy, internet use and popular programs and platforms such as Skype and Facebook, as well as lectures and help to build a website for the locality.
We believe that this activity should be carried out in the chitalishte as places that preserve the culture, knowledge and memory of every place.

Before installing computers, we usually provide furniture.
It is the duty of the local community center to maintain the Internet and to provide access in working time, with preference being given to schools and kindergartens.

We thank everyone for the villages that computers, the net, and the broader world will reach.

Coordinator of the cause – Vasil Kendov,